Our Teams

We are split into teams who are specialised to help you in your specific subject area or location of study
  • 1

    Social Sciences

    Focused on the science devoted to the study of societies and relationships, our team is equipped with passionate members from the social sciences:

    Accounting and Finance

  • 2

    Natural Sciences

    Focused on the branch of science that deals with the study of the physical world, we have eager scientists who will help you through your journey into their field of study:

    Earth and Space Sciences

  • 3

    Formal Sciences

    Focused on the branch of science studying formal language disciplines concerned with formal systems, our team is filled with talented members who are experts in their field of logic and mathematics:

    Computer Science

  • 4

    Applied Sciences

    Focused on the use of scientific methods and knowledge obtained from conclusions, our team includes a broad range of the most popular subject disciplines in our society who are passionate about their field of study:

    Engineering and Technology
    Medicine and Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to support you as much as possible. Below is a list of general queries we get asked.

1. Is this service free?

The services we provide are free of charge!

2. How do I join?

We currently operate using Discord, a new piece of software which allows for us to communicate with everyone easily. We are trialling this software however, and if you feel you need help using it then please reach out to our team on [email protected]

3. What do we do?

We aim to support students with their UCAS Applications and future careers plans. We’ve provided a comprehensive list of services we provide in earlier segments of this website too.

4. I'd like to join your team, how would I do this?

We welcome applications to join our team and assist in running our union. We hold many positions that require different skill sets, so if you are interested in joining and receiving cool benefits then email us on [email protected] and get in touch!

5. How do I use Discord?

We are currently trialling Discord as the main platform for our software. For further help and advice in using Discord, we recommend you contact us directly on [email protected]