The AfSU Pathway

By joining AfSU with the purpose of seeking advice and support throughout your academic life, you will be provided with a plan that is catered towards your needs. The plan will start from the stage of your educational pathway that you are currently in, and below we describe potential opportunities which you can be involved in.
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    Secondary School

    Students in this stage will be exposed to a range of career choices to get them prepared for their future prospects and routes they can take to achieve this, while receiving support with their GCSEs:

    • Access to GCSE Tutoring
    • Support with picking A-Levels and/or BTECs
    • Exposure and Advice with Prospecting Careers
    • Work Experience Opportunities and Career Workshops

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    Sixth Form and College

    A focus on entry to higher education (University or Apprenticeships); students will receive more career-focused support built around their chosen subjects, while building the framework for their UCAS applications:

    • Access to A-Level/BTEC Tutoring
    • CV Assistance (Foundations and Skills)
    • UCAS Application Support (University Choices, Personal Statement)
    • Work Experience and Career-Specific Advice
    • Admissions Test Preparation (BMAT, UCAT, LNAT and more)

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    Entering the next stage towards your career prospects, students will receive educational and pastoral support to make the most out of their time at university:

    • Networking Opportunities through Events
    • Careers Advice and Support
    • Supercurricular Opportunities (e.g. Model United Nations)
    • Spring and Summer Internships
    • Further Education Prospects (e.g. Masters, Conversion Courses)

Join Team AfSU and help develop Afghanistan’s diaspora in the United Kingdom

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Team Members

Ranging from our mentoring staff who support our GCSE/A-level students to our university students, AfSU is a home for all.

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We have students studying at a wide range of universities across the United Kingdom allowing you to get the tailored support you need.

Our Partners

AfSU partners with local boroughs, schools, university societies, and organisations that align with AfSU's purpose and mission. Find out more about our partner organisations by clicking on the button below.
Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to support you as much as possible. Below is a list of general queries we get asked.

1. What is AfSU?

We are a student union who aim to support the next generation of Afghanistan’s students (who are UK-based) by inspiring, educating and leading them towards academic excellence and personal success.


Our team members have different educational backgrounds and are on our own desired career path but all share one goal, which is to provide support and aid our community with the knowledge and experience gained from our own experiences.

We operationalise our aims through our mentoring programmes and university events projects.

2. Is this service free?

We provide assistance to students in a variety of different forms. We provide:

  1. University level super curricular opportunities
  2. GCSE/A-level Mentoring
  3. Support via social media, emails and other mediums available.

Our services are free of charge, and we aim to support our members as much as possible!

3. How do I get help?

You can get support from our team in a variety of different ways, please contact us and a member of our support staff will get back to you.

4. What is AfSU Mentoring?

The AfSU Mentoring Programme aims to change futures and generate student success by offering access to extra support and mentoring from AfSU Mentors, who currently attend top UK universities. The programme is currently open to GCSE and A-level students. Find out more by visiting our mentoring site.

5. How do I join?

Yes! It is possible to join Team AfSU. Positions are open to both current and former students as well as professionals working in their respective industries. 


To join Team AfSU, click here to be taken to our application portal where you can select whether you want to join as a university society or as a student.


On our portal, you can find out how to join Team AfSU as either: (a) a university society or (b) a student by clicking on the respective hyperlink.