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We are a group of students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds. We are all on our own desired career path, but all share one goal, which is to provide support and give back to our community with the knowledge and expertise we have developed from our own experiences in education. Our team consists of students at different stages of our own educational pathways. We have members who have taken the routes shown below.


We have students studying many different courses at a variety of universities across the UK, including those in the Russell Group.

Sixth Form and College

Students studying A-Level, BTEC, or Access to Higher Education courses who are planning to study at further educational institutions in the future.

Gap Year

Students who have experienced or are currently taking a gap year out of education and have the expertise about how to use it to your advantage.

Degree Apprenticeship

An alternative route to University: studying and earning money at the same time, which tests your time-management skills.

Our Teams

We are split into teams who are specialised to help you in your specific subject area or location of study. We also have a strong team of Alumni students who can advise you further on potential future career paths.
  • 1

    Social Sciences

    Focused on the studies of societies and relationships, our team is equipped with passionate members from the social sciences:

    Accounting and Finance

  • 2

    Life Sciences

    Focused on the branch of science that deals with the study of the physical world, we have eager scientists who will help you through your journey into their field of study:

    Biomedical Sciences

  • 3


    Maths is at the core of education. This team focuses on mathematics and computer science, our team is filled with talented members who are experts in their field of logic and mathematics:

    Computer Science

  • 4


    Focused on the use of methods and knowledge obtained from conclusions, our team includes a broad range of the most popular subject disciplines in our society who are passionate about their field of study:

    Law (LLB)
    Law (LPC, LLM and BPC)

What are your goals?

AfSU aims to: (a) support students from Afghanistan (who are UK-based) in education at GCSE, A-level and university; (b) harmonise the connections between university Afghanistan societies and the diaspora by bringing everyone together through education; (c) developing connections and links between the student community and its Alumni and (d) supporting our community through the events/workshops that we host.

What does the structure of the union look like?

Our union is led by a Board of Directors which consists of our Executive Director and their team. Our Directors are held accountable by our Board of Trustees. You can find out more about our team structure on https://afsu.org/legal.

Who funds AfSU?

AfSU funds it operations through partnerships we have with universities as well as through our corporate connections. You can find out more about:

  1. About Us (https://afsu.org/about-us)
  2. Our Partnerships (https://afsu.org/partners)

How can universities get involved?

Universities can get involved by signing up their societies as part of Team AfSU. We can assist with co-hosting events, helping students and connecting Afghanistan’s diaspora across the country. If you are a university committee member and wish to join AfSU please visit https://afsu.org/contact-us and get in touch!

Are your services free?

Yes! All the services we provide are free of charge, this is made possible through our volunteers/paid staff who give us their time to help and assist students where we can.

Do you have social media?

Yes! We have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn (@afgstudentunion).


Feel free to reach out to us. We have a friendly and helpful team that will be able to direct your query to the relevant team.

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