The AfSU Networking Event

Our annual AfSU Networking Event features a panel of professionals currently working in industries ranging from STEM to the Social Sciences. Scroll down to find out more about our aims, and how you can get involved.
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Our Aims

The aims of this networking event is to facilitate greater inter-generational knowledge sharing between professionals and students within our diaspora community. This helps create opportunities for younger students to learn more about life after graduation.
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    To raise awareness about the diaspora community's future routes of progression post-graduation.

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    To provide mentorship, internship, and work experience opportunities to younger students and to foster inter-generational knowledge sharing and advice.

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    To build networks of support for Afghanistan’s diaspora and creating supportive, grassroot, connections which are valuable and responsive to the community and its needs.

Event Schedule

The Networking Event will last for two hours and will be hosted in person at SOAS, University of London in the United Kingdom. It will fall on Thursday, 9th May 2024 between 6:30-8:30pm. The room for the event is RG01. Please sign up before attending using the button below.
RG01, Main Building, SOAS

Between 6pm-6:30pm, we will be registering our guests and signing them in before we look towards starting the event promptly at 6:30pm.

RG01, Main Building, SOAS

Our panel discussion will feature five professionals from a range of industries. Each professional will be asked to answer the following questions:

1. Can you tell us about your current role, what it involves, and what your work involves on a day to day basis?
2. What experience did you have to get a role in your current profession? What skills can current students perhaps look to gain which would help them enter a field similar to yours?
3. What do you like/dislike most about your work?
4. What do you wish you had known about your position/the field before you started?
5. What advice would you give to younger students who are close to graduating and looking to enter the graduate job market?

Our panellists will be announced on this page shortly.

Our moderator for this panel will be Zara Samia, a LLB Law student at the University of Westminster, and an Operations Officer at the Afghan Student Union.

RG01, Main Building, SOAS

For this period, you will be able to interact with our professionals in an informal open networking segment, and seek valuable advice from them.