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We are a group of Afghan students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds. We are all on our own desired career path, but all share one goal, which is to provide support and give back to our community with the knowledge and expertise we have developed from our own experiences in education. Our team consists of Afghan students at different stages of our own educational pathways. We have members who have taken the routes shown below.

What are your goals?

AfSU aims to: (a) support students from an Afghan background in education at GCSE, A-level and university; (b) harmonise the connections between university Afghan societies and the Afghan diaspora by bringing everyone together through education; (c) developing connections and links between the student community and its Alumni and (d) supporting our community through the events/workshops that we host.

What does the structure of the union look like?

Our union is led by a Board of Directors which consists of our President, Vice Presidents and their team. We have a Subject Tutor Team, Operations Team, Brand & Marketing Team and Logistics Team.

Who funds AfSU?

We are funded through the generous donations provided to us by the public. We also work in partnership with external foundations dependant on the types of events we run. We are largely based on a volunteer-model, however we aim to operate towards a high standard.

How can universities get involved?

Universities can get involved by signing up their societies as part of Team AfSU. We can assist with co-hosting events, helping students and connecting the Afghan diaspora across the country. If you are a university committee member and wish to join AfSU please visit https://afsu.org/contact-us and get in touch!

Are your services free?

Yes! All the services we provide are free of charge, this is made possible through our volunteers who give us their time to help and assist students where we can.

Do you have social media?

Yes! We have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn (@afgstudentunion) and Discord (https://discord.afsu.org).


Feel free to reach out to us. We have a friendly and helpful team that will be able to direct your query to the relevant team.

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