The AfSU Tuition Process

We have tried to simplify our booking process as much as possible. With no subscriptions, and a pay for what you use model, the tuition centre allows for students to only attend where they want to and to only pay for sessions they use. The chart below describes just some of the ways in which we support our students.
Book Your Slot
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    Booking your Slot

    Book your session via our dedicated tuition website which can be found by clicking the button above. You can book slots up to four hours maximum a day, for subjects based on our capacity. There is no commitment - you only pay for the sessions you wish to attend, on a weekly basis.

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    Attending the Session

    Once you've booked your session, we'll assign you to a group (of people at a similar ability to yourself) led by one of our Subject Tutors. You'll be following the AfSU Scheme of Learning, which follows the specifications and guidance set out by the major examining bodies in the United Kingdom so we can ensure you're being taught what you should be for the level you're at.

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    Support and Checkups

    After you've completed your session, the tuition doesn't stop there! You'll be able to reach out for help during the week, at anytime, via the AfSU Discord where our active community of students can help you with questions you're stuck with, or even general advice you may need.

Pricing & Subjects

We have tried to keep our costs as low as possible so that we can accommodate as many students as possible whilst also retaining our high standard of teaching and tailored support. We have included our price plans below for GCSE & A-level students. We offer support for all GCSE and A-level subjects so long as there is availability. For FAQs, please scroll down to read further.
Discord Support
Get Started
Access to AfSU Subject Tutors
Widening Participation Opportunities & Experiences
Access to the AfSU Community
1 hour tuition slot
In-Person Tuition
A-Level Tuition
Get Started
1 hour tuition slot
Access to AfSU Subject Tutors
Widening Participation Opportunities & Experiences
Access to the AfSU Community
In-Person Tuition
GCSE Tuition
Get Started
1 hour tuition slot
Access to AfSU Subject Tutors
Widening Participation Opportunities & Experiences
Access to the AfSU Community
In-Person Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions below. You can visit our dedicated tuition website which answers billing, queries and your account questions by clicking on the button below.
Bookings & Queries

Can any student attend the centre?

Any student can attend the tuition centre – we welcome students from all backgrounds (ethnically or economically) and prioritise students coming from under-represented groups.

Are your services free?

AfSU aims to support students regardless of whether they attend the tuition centre or not. We will continue to provide our support through Discord, where we regularly respond to questions and interact with our community where we can.

The tuition centre offers students the ability to be taught in a group setting and cover gaps they may have in their knowledge across a wide range of subjects. This service does cost money, and we have our pricing models described on

When I book my slot, how do you put me in a group?

During your first lesson with AfSU, we will give you a thirty minute assessment which will give your tutor an understanding of the level at which you’re at. We then group you based on your results, each group will be covering the same content – just at a different pace. This is so you’re put in the group where you’ll be able to learn most efficiently.

Who are your subject tutors?

The AfSU Subject Tutors are handpicked members who currently attend University (or equivalent) and are specialists in their subject areas. Tutors are:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checked
  • Attend monthly Subject Tutor training
  • Have access to the AfSU community and can share opportunities and insights with students
  • Recommend educational routes and avenues that students may be interested in

Subject tutors do not handle queries related to the tuition centre as we have a dedicated team who work to support parents with this. To contact our Academic Support Team please use the channels provided on

Do I have to subscribe to anything?

Parents will not have to subscribe to any package, and you can choose to opt-out of the programme at anytime. You only pay for the hours you are in the centre for, and this is all done via our website

Are you partnered with other organisations?

We’re partnered with schools across London. Our school partnerships allow us to host our tuition centres at venues familiar to students whilst also ensuring we keep in touch with local student communities. AfSU’s also partnered with universities which allows us access to national-level events, conferences and workshops we get involved in.

How can university students get involved?

Universities can get involved by signing up their societies as part of Team AfSU. University students can join Team AfSU as a subject tutor and receive pay and other benefits for the work they help AfSU do.

We can also assist with co-hosting events, helping students and connecting the Afghan diaspora across the country. If you are a university student and wish to join AfSU please visit and get in touch!

How do I ask a question or get in touch?

All queries of any nature pertinent to the tuition centre must be made via our dedicated support channels found at

If you require assistance with accessing your account or anything else, please contact our main support team via

Our venue for the North London Centre is:

Hendon School, Golders Rise, London, NW4 2HP.

Our hours of operation are:


You can contact us during our operating hours on the following number:


Feel free to reach out to us. We have a friendly and helpful team that will be able to direct your query to the relevant team.

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